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This is a great one. I recently discovered it while talking with a friend about ways to drink less calories, while keeping drinks flavorful. He mentioned his family drinks cold brewed tea. Water can get boring, so I gave it a try. Game changer! I never imagined how easy it is to make (literally minutes), and how amazing it tastes. Here is how to make cold brewed tea.


Step 1: Find a Tea You Like

This is a highly personal preference based on taste, most any tea will work. I really like the Celestial Seasonings Apple Cinnamon tea as it has an almost sweet flavor without the sugar. They’re also in pre-made bags which makes it even faster to use. There are so many flavors available. You can also use loose tea of any flavor (green, chi, earl, mint, chamomile, black, peach, etc.).

How to Make Cold Brewed Tea - Tea Bags
Tea Bags
How to Make Cold Brewed Tea - Celestial Seasonsings Tea
Celestial Seasonsings Tea


Step 2: Grab a Beverage Dispenser

This can be any pitcher, though to make a big batch that is easy to dispense through the spigot, I’ve found a glass beverage dispenser works great. They usually come in a 1 or 2 gallon size. Fill the beverage dispenser with water (8oz per 1 tea bag is a good place to start).

If you’re just testing out flavors before making a lot, try it in a smaller container like a mason jar, drinking jar,  or drink pitcher. Making it in a mason jar is also perfect for summer fun as you just screw the cap on, and off you go to the park, beach, or anywhere with a cold refreshing drink.

How to Make Cold Brewed Tea - Glass Beverage Dispenser with Water
Glass Beverage Dispenser with Water









Step 3: Add Tea Bags

Generally, 1 tea bag per 8oz of water works. If you find you want a stronger flavor, add more bags per 8oz. If you’d like a milder flavor, add fewer. Just drop the bags into the water. Push them down a bit with a utensil so they are submerged.

How to Make Cold Brewed Tea - Tea Bags in Water
Tea Bags in Water









Step 4: Let Tea Steep

Place the container in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. You’ll be able to see the tea steeping in the water. Once ready, drink up!

How to Make Cold Brewed Tea - Tea Bags Beginning to Steep
Tea Bags Beginning to Steep
How to Make Cold Brewed Tea - Steeped Tea Bags
Steeped Tea Bags











Helpful tip: If you’re using a beverage dispenser, the tea bags can be removed with tongs after they’ve steeped (so they don’t block the spigot later when pouring).

That’s it! It takes about 4 minutes of prep time and tastes so great to drink. For easy reference, here’s the recipe:


Cold Brewed Tea Recipe



  • Fill beverage dispenser with water
  • Add in tea bags (1 per 8oz. of water)
  • Let sit 4-6 hours
  • Enjoy!


Have you tried making cold brewed tea? Do you like it?